New Favorites!

Y’all! It’s been a while since I shared things I’m loving but guess what?! I’m loving some FABULOUS things and I have to share.

So here goes: (and happy shopping)

Book: You’re Not Lost by Maxie McCoy – THIS BOOK MIGHT BE MY NEW BIBLE FOR LIVING LIFE. Go get it. Run. Don’t walk.

Bag: Kipling Miri Crossbody Tote – I finally found a work bag that carries it all. My laptop, my binders, my files, and pockets for organizing pens and highlighters and anything else you can think of to get you through the day.

Foundation: Clinique Even Better Refresh – I cannot day enough about this! It’s perfect for Summer-Dry skin and moisturizes 24-hours with a light feeling with AH-MAZING coverage. I love this stuff. It covers all of the imperfections and redness but doesn’t feel make-up-y at all. AND, it lasts through my work day with zero need for retouching.

Lip Gloss: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush – Slice of Heaven – sheer but sparkly and non-drying. Pretty perfect for summer.

(I will post links for y’all later.)

Much love,



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