Cleaning Out the Clutter

Spring is nearly upon us! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Fresh starts are kinda my thing.

(What is absolutely not my thing? Actual cleaning of actual things. Gross.)

But: there’s so much to be said about cleaning up your mental space and making some fresh changes to your routine to help maintain your balance & clarity.

So let’s do this!

First things first. Social media can be kinda a drain. I mean, I get that it keeps some of us connected and aware of the mundane happenings in our tiny worlds. And that part is cute. But what’s not cute? Those people who your social media calls your “friends” really probably aren’t who is going to be next to you when the real *ish* goes down.

And you know this.

You know, or at the very least, suspect that very few of those hundreds or thousands of “friends” are even going to answer the phone when you call. They don’t even really know your phone number (you’re an unknown caller for heavens sake). You’ve never even actually talked to some (most) of these people with your actual voice on the phone. They wouldn’t even recognize your voice. (Can you imagine how awkward that would even be?! Insert face-to-palm emoji here.)

But they “like” and watch from the cheap seats every little thing you post. And in return, you “like” and watch from where you sit behind a screen size of your choosing.

And that’s where the unhealthy part comes in or in this case: the clutter.

So, let’s clean up that clutter in official Marie Kondo fashion!

Scroll down that list of peeps and if you feel anything other than butterflies and rainbows when you see that name and face in your feed, it’s time to unfriend, unfollow or block.

And really any of those options will do.

If you choose to only go the unfollow route, there’s no harm done. You certainly won’t be hurting your imaginary friend’s feelings because they won’t even know. You’re still (imaginary) friends with this person but in order to see what’s up with them, and allow them and their dirty feet in your head space, you have to consciously choose to look for them versus them coming right in unannounced and traipsing all about the living room spaces of your brain.

And believe it or not, not seeing the people who give you those feelings that are less than stellar for any particular reason helps in HUGE ways.

You’re not triggered. You’re not annoyed. You don’t feel left out from that party that you weren’t invited to. You won’t even be aware of what you’re not missing. No more #fomo. You don’t do the comparison thing where that grass always looks so damn pretty on the days that you feel like yours is lacking.

And just like that: Tah dahhhhh! It’s like magic. You took back some head space, friend.

And it feels SO GOOD.

More Spring un-cluttering tips coming soon! Stay tuned!



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