Tips to Manage Anxiety

I know when we’re in our heads and it feels like we’re stuck that it’s hard to focus and hit the “reset button”. Here’s a few tips I’ve found that have been helpful for me and I hope they will be for you too.

– First things first: breathe. I mean it. Sit down and take 10 minutes and truly focus on your breath and slow it down. Breathe in for a 7 second count and out for a 10 second count and slow your mind and take back your control. Sometimes this little exercise alone helps me the most.

– Stop and take a few minutes to really BE exactly where you are. And I mean that literally. Take time to ground yourself; become aware of your surroundings. What do you see, feel and hear? Are your feet touching the floor & are your hands in a relaxed position versus being tense. Rest your head and neck and BREATHE. Close your eyes and concentrate on just BEING.

– Aromatherapy is a huge help. And there’s so many options now from so many essential oils companies & people. They even have concoctions that are specifically designed for calming anxiety and helping to de-stress. And, they make them in little travel sized roll on bottles and you can take them anywhere. But again, with the aromatherapy: you’re breathing. One of my favorites is Serenity Now by Frankie & Myrrh. https://frankiewholesale.com/best-sellers/

What works for you and your anxiety or stress-y moments? I’d love to hear your go-to coping strategies so please share.

Much love, friends!


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