Turn the Page

I had to turn the page this week. I’ve had to realize that my story & my voice might not agree or align with others’ thoughts/feelings/hearts or views.

And I’m ok with that.

I won’t spend any more of my time left here in this world attempting to convince anyone of my worth or value as a human being and a soul wandering this pale blue dot. And that’s another lesson that I’m learning: sharing my story and my heart is ripping off a bandaid that has been well worn out through years and years of ugliness —- and while some people aren’t strong enough to own their mistakes and their ugly parts and their truth: I AM.

I have walked a path of abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, panic, abandonment & lies and I’m comfortable with the person I am and with owning my story.

Even the ugly parts.

I don’t pretend to be perfect and I don’t believe I’m anything more than another flawed person finding my own way. But I love with my whole heart. I don’t judge others or their struggles because the hardships and heaviness of life is universal and not one bit selective.

I hope we all win. I hope we all make it. I hope we all shine what bit of light we have within us so that when our fellow souls that we share this planet with find themselves in the dark, they too can find their way forward.

And when she realized that some chapters must end, she turned the page and continued forward.”


4 thoughts on “Turn the Page”

  1. Along with most things, you have to reach a step of forgiveness, loss, defeat, to regain self. I myself need to recharge, reprogram and just plain pray. One day at a time!


  2. This, totally this!

    Depression, anxiety, physical and mental abuse, and low self esteem controlled me at one time. No longer!

    I’ve white knuckle gripped … holding into the absomute bottom not wanting to fall into the abyss that I had previously prayed and intentionally tried to go into. After much help, medical and God, I let go what wasn’t good for me. I prayed for peace and strength and found what was good for me and made ME happy with me.

    I found me, the real me, not the person others wanted me to be or thought I’d end up being. I finally am happy with who I am and through that happiness I can be finally be happy with others.

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