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My Best Advice for Bad Days

Sometimes, I need to take it back to the very basics. I mean super basics. Because I tend to get lost in the shuffle and lose my way. And those are the days that I need to keep it simple.

My keeping it simple looks like this:

Set an alarm and get the hell up and out of bed. On the really bad days, I’m always surprised at how hard a task this simple can actually be.

Once you’re up and moving about, take a long shower. Wash away those negative thoughts and feelings with a fresh smelling soap and shampoo. Rinse and repeat and you’ll be surprised at how much better you can feel emotionally once you’re physically well cared for.

Take time to find clothes that are soft and soothing. Now is not the time to go all out with heels and bobbles. Keep it soft and cozy and wrap yourself in things that bring you comfort while you’re bouncing back to the you that you know and love.

Listen to uplifting and encouraging music or a podcast. Keep it positive and light, bright and happy.

Eat the cake. Or the carbs. Whatever works. Nourish and indulge and embrace the comfort food as you care for you.

Take time to breathe. Really breathe and be in the moment. We can’t change the past or the future and worry does no one any good at all.

What are your self-care tips for the really bad days? What works for you and helps you love yourself through it? I’d love to hear your ideas.

In the mean time, take care of you.


self-care, self-compassion

It’s Probably Hard to Be My Kids

I came to this grand conclusion this week.

I’m aware that I’m loud, awkward and extra.

That’s probably a hard reality for my kids who are currently teenagers.

But they’ve never known me any other way.

For all of my flaws, they know without a shadow of a doubt that they get all of me — always.

I probably over share. I’m probably too vocal about so many things. But they will never have to question where they stand or wonder what I’m thinking. They know that I will always keep it real. Authenticity is my thing and I don’t hide my mistakes from them. They know that I’m learning as I go. And my hope is that that will give them permission to be flawed and fabulous and beautiful souls walking this earth, too.

I don’t want them to ever have the thought “oh, shit. What’s Mom gonna do?”. I don’t want them to fear being real and sometimes broken or overwhelmed or stressed because my goal is to always be their soft place to land. That’s not to say that I don’t correct them and lose my patience with them when they do things that are not so great; I will always be their Momma and my job is also to guide them and let them know when they’ve gone astray and help them back in the right direction.

But my love never waivers. Not for a single minute. Not ever even for a moment.

They get the best of me and I’m so proud of the young human beings that they are growing into.




A “WTF” Kinda Week

I’m having it. Really loudly. This kind of week is messy and ugly and full of all kinds of feelings that I’m not ready to deal with. Better yet, if I am “ready”, I still don’t wanna.

My kids are growing up too flippin fast. I’m proud of the little humans they are becoming but oh how I’d love to rewind on occasion and have them so little that I could rock them and soothe all that ails their little hearts and minds. My oldest is 17 and about to embark on his senior year of high school. He’s also about to take a trip out of the country (and far, far away from me), to visit London AND, he has a week long audition coming up this summer at his dream college (also over 10 hours away from me) to focus on his musical ambitions and career aspirations and in my mind, he’s still that sweet little big headed toddler telling me all about Tigger and Eeyore.


My baby girl is finishing middle school today, in just a few hours, and headed to high school. Can we please just pump the brakes a little? This sweet child of mine is so very determined, kind and deep. She’s truly an “old soul” and observes and feels the world intensely . I’m in awe of all that she is and all that she is yet to become. The world is hers and I can’t wait to watch her leave her mark and change the tide for the better.

And then there’s me. Six days in to my 42nd year on the planet and I’m still rocking some awful decisions on the regular; hopefully though, learning and growing as I go. Or, at least that’s my greatest wish. I feel like my “WTF” moments this week have been fast and furious but I’m finding grace in the journey and trying to be forgiving of my less than stellar moments. I really do try to practice what I preach, y’all. The whole self-compassion gig is hard and it takes practice. Every. Single. Day.

I hope you’re gentle with YOU, too.

When in doubt, I highly recommend the comfort foods. Ice cream and carbs do wonders for your soul.

Much love.




This was My Day

I preach the self-care and self-compassion deal regularly. Today, I took my own advice and made the time to relax, recharge and hit my personal reset button.

I spent 2 hours on a float, in the lake, with a book and complete silence — except for the sounds of nature in the glorious sunshine.

And. I. Feel. Fabulous.

Those few hours, that I made just for me, have done wonders for my soul.

I soaked up some sunshine. I gained some perspective and I feel like I found me again. I feel grounded and centered and ready to tackle life again.

I hope you make some time for you, too. Even if it’s just 30-minutes of peace and quiet in the fresh air. You owe it to yourself and the world at large to be the best possible version of yourself and that just can’t happen when you neglect your heart and don’t take the time to be gentle with YOU.

Honor your heart and make some peace in your mind.

Be still.


Take a break from the news and social media and heaviness that you carry about your day. Lay it all down and give yourself the compassion and kindness that you so freely give others.

You, my dear friend, are ever so very worth it.

Much love,